Operating Systems in Robots

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This is my essay for Operating Systems Course which scored A. I would like to share it here so others can read and comment. I will be happy to hear the comments. Send me your comments to btabibian at gmail dot com.


This document discusses some aspects of Operating System primitives used in the field of robotics. Operating Systems are widely used in computing and there exist many flavours of them for different users and applications. However, in the field or robotics the options are highly limited because of many requirements and limitations robots have.

In this document we discuss various requirements, robots have and study the solutions for each of the requirements. Moreover, two Real Time Operating Systems are studied which were successfully used and applied in the field of robotics.

First we will discuss requirements and expectations from an Operating System in the field of robotics, then a complete discussion about Real Time Operating Systems will be made and finally two such operating systems are discussed which have successfully used in the field of robotics.

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